Culture Shifters: Henrik Purienne

Culture Shifters: Henrik Purienne

Describe for me your entourage: who are these gals, individually, and what role do they play in your life? Friends and girlfriends. real people.. Charisma! What is it?  A bad 80s word? How do you get some? How’d y’get yours?

In my experience, photographers tough talk when it comes to shooting gals but turn into blubbering lil boys once a gal turns it on. What makes you diff?

It was created in 2008 ago by South African film director and photographer Henrik Purienne and his German designer pal Frank Rocholl.

Describe for me, Mr Purienne! “Mirage is a trendsetting 400 pages magazine object inspired by the Jetset Lifestyle of the 60/70ties.

And no one is more elusive than Mr Henrik Purienne himself, late twenties, who is currently living in the Hollywood Hills.

Read more here: Stab Mag

Culture Shifters: Henrik Purienne surf photo  Culture Shifters: Henrik Purienne surf photo  Culture Shifters: Henrik Purienne surf photo

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