Metal Neck in Portugal!

Metal Neck in Portugal!

These hair farmers were ripping, although I can’t wait for Doheny’s wispy tufts to fall out before he’s 30. who’s that guy throwing away a beer bottle? wtf? is that some kind of tradition in his country? you know what was wrong with that video…. NOT A GOD DAMN THING! (except Droid littering wasn’t cool and he throws like a girl.

An edit that runs longer than two minutes! wade was good per norm and i thought the best surfing i have seen from droid. those mayhems look good under his feet. is wade on vans 100% now? that would be good to see more of him and nathen fletcher charging some slabs. sickest crew i ever filmed with(also)!

Read more here: Stab Mag

Metal Neck in Portugal! surf photo  Metal Neck in Portugal! surf photo  Metal Neck in Portugal! surf photo

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