Ricardo Christie / Bunny Chow

Ricardo Christie / Bunny Chow

Ricardo has a new sponsor which in turn I hope lets us see this remarkable surfer on more trips thus releasing more footage of the talented Kiwi laying rail and attacking every section like a mad man.

Thundercloud sets a new benchmark for surf documentaries with a film that will not only appeal to surfers but mainstream audiences.

Four game changers in surf history who have been overlooked, but who have significantly altered the trajectory of surfing in some way.

Since the first wave was ridden surfers have shared stories and experiences to try and explain the magic inside the waves they ride.

Meet the Kenny Powers of surfing as a pumped-up American commentates, post-surf at Kuta Reef.

Don’t miss this magical evening of cinema to a backdrop of the Byron Bay lighthouse and the sound of crashing waves.

One of the most historical days of surfing at Fiji’s Cloubreak is about to be told in Thundercloud.

Read more here: Tracks Mag

Ricardo Christie / Bunny Chow surf photo  Ricardo Christie / Bunny Chow surf photo  Ricardo Christie / Bunny Chow surf photo

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