Surfing Identities: Anything Goes

Surfing Identities: Anything Goes

Can two girls, aged 11 and 13, get Bali’s Governor to ban plastic bags? 10 Tracks Surfing Facts that may, or may not, blow apart your tiny brain. “Instead of being hunted like I was last year as world Champ I’m back to hunting again, it feels good.

There are the ‘sero’s’ (competitors) or ‘jocks’, surfers like Mick Fanning and Adriano De Souza who have over a long period of time established themselves as the ‘cream of the crop’ in surfing.

I for one am not a huge fan for categorising surfers to this extent, but am well aware that this has inadvertently opened up and sold the idea of surfing to a whole new audience, wherein lies the notion; there is someone for everyone, creating a somewhat multi-cultural phenomenon in surfing.

Surfing today is simultaneously a sport, a lifestyle and an iconic part of Australian culture.  It is an ideal lens for analysing a range of contemporary cultural processes associated with globalisation, in relation to surfing in popular culture, tourism and competition.

Unlike other recreational activities such as golf and tennis, surfing now has the unique ability to divide its participants into various sub-genres and forms of expression.

Views and perceptions of surfing have certainly changed over the years, from the stigmas of no-good, pot-smoking hippies to now respectable, elite athletes representing a global entity.

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Surfing Identities: Anything Goes surf photo  Surfing Identities: Anything Goes surf photo  Surfing Identities: Anything Goes surf photo

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