The A-Z Of Surf Etiquette

The A-Z Of Surf Etiquette

A guy ran me over with a giant longboard, and it compounded my leg, and that was one of those things that you learn, like, ‘Don’t trust that the guy sees you and that they’re going to avoid you. ’ Just remember that they’re probably going to run you over if you don’t watch where you’re going. ” The UK’s Tom Lowe can vouch for that, especially after Laird’s SUP mowed him down at Chopes and smashed his knee in 12 parts.

Don’t be a kook and carry your fins forward, or claim a headdip, or throw your board on a four footer, or punch a surfer, or paddle on the inside, or get braids in Bali, or drop in, or not travel, or litter, or, ah you get it, just don’t be a kook.

I’m not quite sure why physical and mental abuse of weaker members of the tribe has been replaced with positive role modeling, but I for one lament the loss of the physical beatings of vulnerable pubescent teens. A real shame.

So to help you with the finer details of one of surfing’s most nebulous of concepts here is the first leg of an A-Z of surf etiquette that will make it all as clear as mud. Be aware.

Tai Graham is at the heart of Bali’s surf scene, owning bars, surf shops, gyms, Ambassador for O’Neill but mainly he chases tubes.

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The A Z Of Surf Etiquette surf photo  The A Z Of Surf Etiquette surf photo  The A Z Of Surf Etiquette surf photo

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