Medina’s Emotional Rescue

Medina’s Emotional Rescue

They know a losing Jeremy makes for compelling viewing and the fact he went way over the top last year and received a suspension only adds to the drama of what might happen when Jeremy is on camera.

The WSL went into damage control yesterday when Gabriel Medina used some “bad words” in his post heat interview with Pete Mel.

Last night the disciplinary committee met to determine how to deal with Medina’s verbal misdemeanour and no doubt decided that they wanted Gabriel to explain himself on the live webcast.

Medina did however, make an indelicate choice of words and rightly or wrongly we still live in a world where F*&K! is not considered palatable in post heat interviews for any sport.

In the well-staged interview, Medina attributes his slip up to the fact that emotions were running high, and suggests he chose the wrong manner in which to express his feelings.

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Medina’s Emotional Rescue surf photo  Medina’s Emotional Rescue surf photo  Medina’s Emotional Rescue surf photo

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