What’s #trending in surfing? March 21 – 27

What’s #trending in surfing? March 21 – 27

The Tracks electric, cool surf experiment was a collaboration between a group of surfers, shapers and artists over a week at La Casa in Byron…

Four game changers in surf history who have been overlooked, but who have significantly altered the trajectory of surfing in some way.

Thundercloud sets a new benchmark for surf documentaries with a film that will not only appeal to surfers but mainstream audiences.

Jamie O'Brien is still the man at Pipe, Jay Davies owns P-Pass, Mason Ho gets a Wildcard and more!

Jamie O’Brien showed everyone why he’s the best modern day hero at Pipe this week winning Surfline’s Wave of the Winter.

He’s been granted the event Wildcard from new sponsor, Rip Curl, and will guarantee some more eyeballs for the WSL.

Pocket dynamo and the most exciting freesurfer on the planet, Mason Ho, will get his first taste of CT competition next week.

Read more here: Tracks Mag

What’s #trending in surfing? March 21 – 27 surf photo  What’s #trending in surfing? March 21 – 27 surf photo  What’s #trending in surfing? March 21 – 27 surf photo

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