Why Rio

Why Rio

The article, which can be found on the WSL’s website, cites the opinion of a local pro to describe the quality of the waves. “I’ve seen epic days when the waves ended near Olegario Maciel Street [next to the Royalty hotel],” said Phil Rajzman, a local surfer and 2007 World Longboard Champion. “In these classic conditions, you can ride the wave for about 250 meters or more. “On the biggest days the inside of Postinho looks like Puerto Escondido, and the slab’s shape is similar to The Box in Western Australia,” said Rajzman in the article.

This glowing review from Rajzman, along with the labelling of the wave’s Backdoor-like barrels as “Barradoor”, is a stark contrast to the statements of the punters in the comments section below the piece. “I live at Barra Da Tijuca and I just can’t believe what I just read,” said one comment. “The wave at Postinho is almost a shorebreak, it will never run 250m. “Comparing Postinho to the Box, Backdoor or Sunset is ridiculous,” said Paulo Musa, another commenter. “These people who wrote this must have learned with our politicians and world champions in bragging and bullshit [sic]. “I really do not understand why the contest is held in such a horrible break.

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Why Rio surf photo  Why Rio surf photo  Why Rio surf photo

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