Sexy Friday Vol. 09

Sexy Friday Vol. 09

A high performance freesurf session goes down at D-Bah starring Gabriel Medina, Wilko, Seabass, Steph and more.

Mark Healey, Gabriel Villaran and handful of chargers tackle the swell of the decade.

With Filipe Toledo, Gabriel Medina, Wilko, Ricardo Christie and more.

Sally Fitzgibbons patches herself up and takes out the 2015 Fiji Women‘s Pro. 10 of the best shots from the historic Cloudbreak session.

Mark Healey inspires the legendary stuntman, Evel Knievel, to issue a comment from the grave.

One part surf, two parts sex, a nip of art and a drop of humour, just to remind you everything’s not fucked have a good weekend and don’t be a hater.

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Sexy Friday Vol. 09 surf photo  Sexy Friday Vol. 09 surf photo  Sexy Friday Vol. 09 surf photo

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