Day 1 At Margaret River

The women’s event unfolded more or less as expected until Heat 5, when Nikki Van Dijk toppled Tyler Wright, who was struck with an interference call; then in Heat 6 Bronte Macaulay — perhaps the most Australian name ever — easily overcame Stephanie Gilmore, who had a shocker.

It’s kinda hard to get psyched about Main Break’s awkward brand of vanilla — technically demanding, perhaps, but offering little opportunity for excitement — when the Box and North Point, both likely to remain dormant throughout the waiting period, lie in such close proximity.

As for the men, the big threats on the evidence so far include Julian Wilson, who recorded the day’s highest heat score, Gabriel Medina, who got “dry docked” on the inside section, the always lively Italo Ferreira, and Taj Burrow, who looked rejuvenated on his home court.

Day 1 of the Drug Aware Pro Margaret River saw all of the women’s first round and most of the men’s completed at medium sized Main Break, where right was the direction of choice for most competitors. But do you care?

The world’s most underachieving surfer, about to become the world’s most overachieving surfer? “It’s the most beautiful beach…

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Day 1 At Margaret River surf photo  Day 1 At Margaret River surf photo  Day 1 At Margaret River surf photo

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