If drinking with 80-year-olds isn’t your thing, you can head down to the beach bars at Baleal, which teem most nights in summer with party crew from all over Europe who’ll keep going till dawn, grab their boards, and paddle straight out at Supertubos.

There are a million hole-in-the-wall bars to day-drink in, our favourite remains the Café Jovem where you walk through someone’s washing hanging over the door, get handed a beer by a man with a clubfoot, then proceed to get passive-smoked within an inch of your life by a steady procession of murderous fishermen and sea hags.

While they were great fishermen and mariners, town planning wasn’t their strong suit, and in all their wisdom they plonked the local sardine factory smack bang in the middle of town.

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Portugal surf photo  Portugal surf photo  Portugal surf photo

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