2016 In-Focus

2016 In-Focus

Whether it was covering one of the best Mavericks swells in decades, buying a one-way ticket to Mainland Mexico, or crossing cultures in rural Papua New Guinea, Craig’s year was punctuated by big trips during prime swell windows.

“The February 4th swell was as good as Mavs gets – sunny, offshore all day, and good tide,” says SURFER Staff Photographer Ryan “Chachi” Craig about one of his highlights of 2016.

He’s a guy who a lot of the surfing world might not know, but the wave that Ben caught is a testament to the level of surfer he is”. Unknown, Mavericks.

“One of those ‘Almost’ days – the waves looked perfect, but it was just too small, and guys weren’t paddling for many sets.

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2016 In Focus surf photo  2016 In Focus surf photo  2016 In Focus surf photo

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