Skunkworks 7 Foot Surfboard Review

Following a whole load of R&D and plenty of feedback from a few seasons supplying the surf school market across Europe, Skunkworks are unveiling a V3 softboard for 2018, longer lasting boards with non-rashing decks, made without any glue whatsoever, and sourced from raw materials in UK/Ireland, making a minimum of a environmental footprint where possible.

Whether it’s Jamie o-Brien board transferring at Pipe on Red Bull TV in a Hawaiian shirt and banana hammock Speedos, or a 3 time World Champ coming out with his own line of performance-orientated, soft top epoxy boards, the surf world is hard for soft, so to speak.

She paddled like a longboard, despite being a mere 7ft, and my paddle fitness not being what it might, after a couple weeks out of the drink with gnarly manflu (hence the turmeric tea). 0ne of the issues softboards — as in true softboards rather than epoxy boards covered in soft stuff — can have is with the flex/stiff balance, as too much of the former and not enough of the latter.

Test pilot extraordinaire Adrien Toyon, (whom you may recall made a world record attempt last year for Surf Europe, riding 17 surfboards in under 3 hours at the WaveGarden Cove) paddled out on the Skunkworks 7ft recently on a forboding, wintry day in Biarritz.

But if you want a board to have fun with the whole fam, to teach people how to surf with, to go out and shred yourself, without fretting about dings, cranial trauma and the looming spectre of ecological armageddon, well then fill your booties, surf world. * She showers loads, probably.

Whether you want to pull into closeout shoreys/not kill people on crowded days/are clumsy at board carrying down stone steps or merely want to share the gift of shred with the previously uninitiated for financial gain or otherwise, soft rocks.

I mean, you probably wouldn’t want to be cranking waterski style too hard off the bottom at the Peahi left, nor be throwing down too many Tommy Carroll ‘the snap heard around the world’s, but for sweet direction changes, cheeky fades, wee speed pumps and the like, you’re totally groovy.

Read more here: Surf Europe

Skunkworks 7 Foot Surfboard Review surf photo  Skunkworks 7 Foot Surfboard Review surf photo  Skunkworks 7 Foot Surfboard Review surf photo

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