Gear We Test: RinseKit’s Hot Rod Water Heater

Gear We Test: RinseKit’s Hot Rod Water Heater

The RinseKit Lux (left) and the Hot Rod Water Heater (right) may be just what you’re looking for in a post-surf shower. 1.

Obviously, the longer it heats the warmer the water will be, so it’s not super fair to expect three gallons of water to heat to a piping hot temperature in the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to jet down to your local.

But when I learned of a new product being hawked by RinseKit (purveyors of very fine portable showers) that heats water on the go, my interest was piqued. I had to try it out.

The Hot Rod Water Heater, though, plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and heats water while you drive.

Fast forward several weeks to a package with my name on it with the RinseKit Lux and Hot Rod Water Heater.

It doesn’t turn on automatically when the plug is getting power – likely so that water doesn’t overheat.

Because the focus of this review is on the Hot Rod Water Heater, I’ll go over some quick pros and cons I’ve noticed after two weeks of use.

While the promise of a pressurized shower without pumping or batteries was tempting, the idea of filling it up with a spigot and the water being cold was a non-starter.

This seems great for road trips or if you live at least 30 minutes from your local, but if you live five minutes down the road, don’t expect to have steaming-hot water when you get there.

What happens when after a frigid surf you use your numb paws to fumble with the keys to your car, crack it open, grab a jug of warm water you prepared and shower yourself with it? Utter euphoria.

Save the hit of endorphins generated from actually riding a wave (that goes double for getting barreled), there may be no greater feeling than warm water thawing out your bones and bringing you back to life.

The way the system works is you plug the heater in (the other end of which is literally a stainless steel rod that’s plugged into the tank of the RinseKit) and press a button indicating you want it to heat for 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

Just don’t expect it to miraculously turn water from cold to boiling in seconds.

Overall, the RinseKit with its Hot Rod Water Heater are a great product pair.

On longer beach excursions (about 60 minutes), though, the warmest I was able to get the water (after a few hours of it sitting in my car while I surfed, mind you) was comfortably tepid. Much better than cold. But not totally hot. 2.

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Gear We Test: RinseKit’s Hot Rod Water Heater surf photo  Gear We Test: RinseKit’s Hot Rod Water Heater surf photo  Gear We Test: RinseKit’s Hot Rod Water Heater surf photo

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