Will There Be a Next Generation of Handshapers?

There are plenty of things worth buying, Clapp believes, but there are some people who look at the things they need, figure out how they are made, then go ahead and make them. “In every culture, there are people who make the tools they need to survive and thrive in the world, Clapp says. “Surf culture included. ” Growing up around others with this view, Clapp was part of a community, developing their understanding and ability to shape those tools. “We developed an appreciation for making things ourselves—and especially making things of quality for ourselves. ” This included plenty of trials in crafting their own surfboards, learning a little more about the complexities of board design with each pass of the planer.

While Timmy supports mentoring the serious kid, they both describe the decline in the number of them looking to learn. “Few and far between,” they’ve noticed in recent years. “It’s more like guys learn how to hot coat for a year then get a laptop with a shaping program,” Metzner says. “They get boards cut with no experience, put logos on, then go try to sell them. ” That doesn’t wash well, but might be tempting to the kid thinking there’s a shortcut to developing an understanding of high-quality surfboard design—a fools-trap.

That’s right, after months of glassing boards, dripped resin layers the floor like cliffside strata, often requiring a sledgehammer to remove it. “When we’re ripping up the all the glass, chunks are flying through the air and the end result is razor sharp glass that you can easily cut yourself on,” Betts says. “After it’s all broken up, we grab the big dumpsters from the alley and fill it up.

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Will There Be a Next Generation of Handshapers? surf photo  Will There Be a Next Generation of Handshapers? surf photo  Will There Be a Next Generation of Handshapers? surf photo

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