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Lyndall Jarvis (Smith) for Maxim Magazine

Back in February, Jordy Smith married Lyndall Jarvis at The Grand Beach Cafe in Cape Town, presumably to the soundtrack of Jagged Edge’s Let’s Get Married. Jordy wore grey Hugo Boss, Lyndall came as her...

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Greg Long and that time he drowned

The mental toll was expensive, and there’s no guessing why when you see the graphic footage of an almost lifeless Greg on the boat’s deck. It was classified as “non-fatal” because, well, he’s still here...

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Corona Extra Presents: Portugal. The Man (Tour!)

Corona Extra is back with another free national tour to tune up your summer.  This time, they’ve brought Alaskan bred, Portland based indie legends Portugal. Corona Extra is back with another free national tour to...

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Comments of the Week, Edition 10

The judges will have their hands full with this repetitive backhand blast duel, but they love Owen. ClaimFest in heat 9!! (I think we all know what Filipe will do during this one…spin to...

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Brutal Love and The Truth of Raising Champions

By the time Kolohe started competing Dino insisted on taking him to every competition which meant driving up and down the coast of California every weekend, sometimes eight hours at a stretch. “I always...

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Gav Beschen, early seasoning, Rocky Point, Hawaii

Yeah, it’s a little soft due to the water still running off the port of Laserwolf’s image-capturer, but what ain’t to love about an early-season frontside throw from Gav Beschen at Rocky Point! “First...

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#Tournotes: Overheard at Lowers

Tournotes can’t help going from strength to strength and while we’ve said it a lot, this really is the best episode yet. Read more here: Stab Mag