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Tuhiti Haumani, Utter Commitment, Hawaii

Things may change when he’s older, but for now he ain’t shot much he digs: “I get sick of looking at stuff,” he says. “But, I guess the first remote flash shot I had...

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Generations, with Chris Ward

In EpicTV’s latest Generations ep, we get a little more vicarious living, and those closest to Chris continue filling in the blanks around one of surfing’s most enigmatic cats. Read more here: Stab Mag...

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Remembering 2014

O’neill just threw together it’s best clips from a year behind the lens.  Can’t go wrong when you’re only using the creme de la creme from each edit, especially with Jordy Smith, Timmy Reyes, Torrey Meister and crew...

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R&D With Mason Ho

Here, watch Mase test one of Matt Biolos’ cork boards that’s been in development over the last two years. Mason Ho’s had quite the winter.  Winning the HIC Pro, finishing second at the Volcom Pipe...

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Amável Estranha Esquerda

The final day of the Volcom Pipe Pro is live and can be viewed over here.  JJF, Kelly and Kolohe are already through to the semi finals. Enjoy. The final day of the Volcom...

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Comments Of The Week, Edition 21

As always, you make our words seem pathetic in contrast to yours and our highlights this week came in from: John John Florence, Kelly Slater, and… more of those two. © Stab Magazine since 2003. Read...

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Mitch Coleborn through a refreshed lens, QLD

In this case, Mitch Coleborn. “Fuck man, my comeback’s been anything but elegant,” laughs Matt. “I drove like a six-hour round trip to go shoot with Chips (wilson) the other day and encountered the...

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Charly Quivront, in “Amplitude”

The good thing about being a Hossegor local is owning the knowledge that you can hit a really powerful beachbreak section and not die. Read more here: Stab Mag