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OuterKnown officially launches

But given the quality of the product, it’s very reasonable. “In the low bend of surf clothes, you get exaggerated lingo, overly bight colours, and too many logos,” Mr Slater told GQ. “I wanted...

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Extinct Waves: Surf spots destroyed by Man

Extinct 2005 (pictured above). “There was an absolute gem in Northern Baja” Greg Long tells Stab. “We surfed it for a couple of years, we called it Harry’s. ” Harry’s was a long, thick...

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Does training make you surf better?

Correct breathing increases the level of O2 circulating the body, which is crucial for training, decreasing stress and anxiety, and it’s crucial for surfing too! ” I’m usually too busy trying to get a...

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A Campaign We Love: Rusty’s Metal Aloha

Josh Kerr and Noa Deane surfing in the trunks complimented by matching two-tone fabric inlays under the glass of the R dot board is a certified visual treat. You might never get to be...

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Heads begin to roll at J-Bay

Some times I would just like to surf a heat against these bouys that are getting paid mad money, to bob around, and surf like a kook. 1: Poor Ricardo Chirstie learned in the...

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Greg Long on Fear

Pretty sure he doesn’t mind being thought of by you as a horrible speaker, and known as a great big wave surfer. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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GQ rates the Hottest Surfer Babes Alive

Gentleman’s Quarterly is an institution, and evidently their tastes aren’t dissimilar from ours: They, too, adore surfer ‘babes. ’ We love it when these lists come bounding from google alerts.  It’s a wonderful excuse for...

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Diego Cadena, Vallarta does Escondido

Cam Richards, Josiah Amico, Micha Cantor and Cole Houshmand enjoy the off-shores, warm water, fake tattoos, president masks, sling-shots, and waves. Oh, the angst of youth. Cam Richards, Josiah Amico, Micha Cantor and Cole Houshmand...