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#Thumbwerk, volume 49

Instagram killed the Vine star with videos and goddamn it if we aren’t still partial to mainlining the 15-seconders that brighten our feed weekly.  So much so that we rip our favourites into the most low-res but...

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Some Summer Goods Stab Digs (Part III):

But if you’re not vibing on a Tyler, The Creator-made grey coach jacket that features a Simpsons-style donut… then may the good Laird have mercy on your soul. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Tom Curren: California

In Ripcurls newest edit of Surfing is Everything, Tom travels the coast of California with Santa Cruz surfer Noah Wegrich and his son Pat. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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5 mixes for the afternoon glow

If Havaianas, whose entire soul embodies what summer is (open footwear! ), had a beach club – this is what you’d likely hear playing. 1. © Stab Magazine since 2003. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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The best footage from the recent Jaws swell

No wind, a clean long period and some of the best in the mix: Albee Layer, Shane Dorian, Ryan Hipwood, Dean Morrison, Kai Lenny, Billy Kemper, Tyler Larronde and more. Read more here: Stab...

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Knife Collection: Bryce Young’s 5’10″ Asymmetrical

While you’ll see everyday-use shortboards here, we’ll also delve into shapes that move slightly left of centre; Think big wave guns (paddlers, not tow-ers), stubby throwarounds, and asymmetricals. Bryce is Vissla’s regularfooter from the...

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#Tournotes: Go John John

Reckon the residents of the North Shore (and plenty beyond) want John John Florence to win the Pipe Masters?  Given the ease with which he won his round one heat (18. 16 combined total)… they people...

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Nic Lamb Wins Punta Galea; speaks with Stab

Hardened Basque surfers, watching from the beach, drank beer in the rain as their best local crew came battled their international big wave heroes, and put their local knowledge to work (don’t go left!...

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Palmera Express // Trailer 02

In this ep of Volcom’s Los Pollos Locos, the gang roll through Costa Rica (and have a very good, tropical time).  Oscar Moncada, Carlos Goncalves, Carlos Muñoz and Miguel Tudela light it up under a...