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6 Weeks of Aloha

As promised, 6 Weeks of Aloha highlights all the best moments from this year’s Hawaiian stint with the focus on what happened sans singlet, scaffolding, and announcers. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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#Thumbwerk, volume 53

Even a minute ago it was all about Facebook, but since Instagram came along, and then more so once it implemented its video function, shit’s changed.  So, c/o our like-minded pals at D’Blanc, we’ve curated a selection...

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Kelly Slater unfairly good at second sport

On Sunday, while the majority of world tourers are tuning equipment in the unusually warm (and sharky) waters of the Australian east coast, Kelly Slater was competing at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf competition...

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A Grand don’t come for free

I used to go out and spend like $500 bucks a week on piss, then I’d think, “What am I doing? ” But I feel that if you travel as much as I have...

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Jack Robinson surfs between shark sightings, NSW

“The Pro Junior at Newcastle was called off due to reports off sharks at one of Newcastle’s back beaches close to the contest site,” says photog Zac Heath of yesterday’s drama. “This didn’t stop...

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Sinking Ships

Here’s Cody Thompson and his younger brother Tristan getting busy last week in California.  Two of the four brothers jetted out from Florida for the recent rush of swell, and lucked into some pretty fun...

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Coming to Australia!

To be honest, I love competing, and that’s what you do at every one of them, so no favourites for me on the Australian leg. “It’s always a little bit easier when a wave...