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Dusty Payne’s vibes (and stuff)

But what feels fresh is the more power-based focus, veering slightly away from the tail-high game that made Dusty famous (but don’t worry – he hasn’t forgotten how to shake and pop). Read more here: Stab...

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Cluster premieres in Sydney

Last night Kai Neville and co. (being Creed McTaggart, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Ryan Callinan, Craig Anderson, Noa Deane, Conner Coffin and more) opened the Australian premiere of his new film Cluster to the...

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Bethany Hamilton is pregnant

The world’s most famous surfer is pregnant.  Yes, Beth Hamilton, the girl who lost her arm in a shark attack, then taught herself to surf with only one arm, and still absolutely delivers, who’s...

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A south swell on the east coast!

Here’s Brett Barley, Cory Lopez, Cash Barris, Joey Crum, Parker Sawyer, Hunter Hicks, Grady Kenner, and more during a south swell at the third in Buxton. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Four Clips; Julian Wilson

While this isn’t the rip-clip we’re used to seeing of Julian, it’s nice to see him playin’ around at home.  How’s fun does that board look!? Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Photolyfe: Thomas Campbell

There’s the imagery you’ll see in the coming pages, angles and aesthetics worked from years of shooting surf and skate, but he’s also credited with making The Seedling (1999), Sprout (2004), and The Present...

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Photolyfe: Jon Frank

The way Frank sees and captures movement through his viewfinder, whether it’s a wave or a mannerism, is profoundly unique. The term ‘pro’ swings through surfing on a loose hinge and surf photographer’s habitual...

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Adam Melling and James Wood, mid-north coast

And, where’s James Wood been?  This clip may partially answer both of those questions. Adam Melling ever remind you of a less lighting Mick Fanning with better air game? Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Six post-surf careers Stab digs

Last reports have the enigmatic Kona boy running a toy company in a nondescript warehouse in the concert jungle, happy as a coconut. “I surf and I do the Hawaiian thing, which is big...