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Parker Coffin shows his hand

The kid is looking fit as a fiddle and, if aerial hang-time means anything, he’s as light as ever. Parker, the younger half of the Santa Barbarian duo, loves to claim #fatboysurfcamp. Read more...

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Mick Fanning meets a Mexican point

Here, we get just that; one session with Mick Fanning getting plenty acquainted with a Mexican Snapper. Mick Fanning on a sand-bottom, draining pointbreak. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Courtney Conlogue Slams the Bells Rocks

With a little patience, however, we get something like this edit here, which features spitting Mexican tubes followed by standout sessions on the North Shore.   Watch it all the way through for some...

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Colin Moran’s Newport affair

Like any Matt Tromberg creation, expect an intentional lo-fi twist to contrast the hi-fi ripping, and a bad-ass song choice to boot. Born and bred on the beaches of Newport Beach, California, he’s got...

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What a difference a wind makes

Owen Wright was the only goofy to win round through round four and move straight to the quarters, and he did so in style. His 8. 93 winner against Kolohe in round three was...

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Kelly Slater opens his jewellery box

You’ll no doubt be privy to the fact that KS has also acquired a major stake in Firewire surfboards, and Stab predicts that we’ll be see a Tomo shape under Kelly’s heels in a...

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Conner Coffin and Rincon Walls

While mainly rail work, Conner adds some tail-free trickery to keep things modern. Conner dances with The Queen of the Coast like she’s meant to be danced with. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Who’s first in the lineup?

But, whether it’s 2015 or 1995, it’s always been a badge of honour to be the first guy in the lineup around world tour events.  It shows commitment and is a sign of seriousness....

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Tayor Clark, the perfect blend

This round up sweeps from the States, through Hawaii and Australia, and showcases TC’s all-round game; pay particular attention to his Lowers rail work. Read more here: Stab Mag