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Mick Fanning’s Doin’ Just Fine in Retirement

That seems way preferable to endlessly climbing and falling in rankings while wearing spandex jerseys with judges telling you that you’re not good enough every day of your life. Yeah, this seems better. Read...

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This Surf Shop Doubles as a Wave-Riding Art Gallery

Artists include: Marlin Fins customization by António Alfarroba, Bart by Ana Lisa, Catarina Machado, Cláudia Guerreiro, Elena Grib, Filipa Costa, Hanna Szymanska, Isabel Monteiro, João Catarino, Lizzy Artwork, Márcia Luças, Maria Valadares, Marta Baptista, Miguel Sotto...

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The Best Surf Trips To Take in May: Portugal

While Portugal has come to the forefront of big wave surfing, with the mountains of water seen at Nazare, Lisbon handles swell from three to twenty feet. The Estoril coast offers shelter from solid...