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My guess is, he’s stocked up on amazing Pipe clips and is off scoring last minute magic for his new flick View From A Blue Moon. “Peruvian Alvaro Malpartida was a standout,” says Laserwolf....

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Photolyfe: Kerby Brown

Kerby Brown purchased his first camera (a Nikon with 10. 5mm fisheye and housing) about seven years ago, with the goal in mind to hold it while riding through the ledgy barrels that he...

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How to catch 152 waves in 1 session

In 2015 alone he caught 11,194 waves and spent over a collective month in the water: 35 days 6 hours 19 minutes. “I just really love to surf,” he tells Stab. “If the waves...

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Ferrari Boyz: Soli Bailey

Welcome back to Ferrari Boyz, a Stab series in which we learn about our favourite surfers’ cars.  You’ll find no whips with iced-out rims here. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Bethany Hamilton is pregnant

The world’s most famous surfer is pregnant.  Yes, Beth Hamilton, the girl who lost her arm in a shark attack, then taught herself to surf with only one arm, and still absolutely delivers, who’s...

Designer reefs are surfing’s happy future!

Designer reefs are surfing’s happy future!

You also have to consider the sort of coastline you’re dropping the reef into. “There is a general rule of thumb that the length of the structure needs to be approximately half the wave...

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Coming to Australia!

To be honest, I love competing, and that’s what you do at every one of them, so no favourites for me on the Australian leg. “It’s always a little bit easier when a wave...