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Tayor Clark, the perfect blend

This round up sweeps from the States, through Hawaii and Australia, and showcases TC’s all-round game; pay particular attention to his Lowers rail work. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Taj and Kai rip a right

While neither found winning form in the event, they certainly found their feet here. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Dane Reynolds’ Secret Weapon

Listening to DR talk about boards in layman’s terms accompanied by the visions of him practicing the preaching at Rincon is a gear geeks dream. Seeing, is believing? © Stab Magazine since 2003. Read more here:...

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The Pipeline; visual news.

Equipped with mullet, floral shirt/pastel jacket combo and a 10-dollar set, Jed breaks down the world title scenarios (that you probs already know) but with moving pictures and his particular brand of humour. We’re no…...

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Jordy Smith, Africa: B-Sides

Did Jordy grab his dad’s old handycam to film this or what. great clip, those layback hacks he does at the beginning are so sick. “Shark comment” Ooooooooo I’m edgy! Read more here: Stab...

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Alternating Alternatives with Corey Colapinto

Slade Prestwich is a very handsome man who managed, on three separate occasions, to greatly irritate three Stab staffers during three individual sessions on the Gold Coast during the Quiksilver Pro two years ago....