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Luke Gordon all wrapped up in Hawaiian blue

Mr Gordon’s 16, hailing from South Carolina, here he trades the Atlantic chill for the warm Pacific juice. Some sort of quasi-controlled chaos is taking place as El Niño keeps pumping through the island. Read...

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Makua Rothman makes pipe say ‘uhhh!’

This morning everyone awoke with pipe dreams, but Rocky Point was the place to be. “The swell was taking it’s sweet time to get here,” lensman Laserwolf tells Stab. Read more here: Stab Mag...

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Comments Of The Week, Edition 35

There should be an “Off the record Top 10 comments of the week NOT OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY STAB. ” Then people like Andrew Chan, Lyndie, Bodyboarder, Chalet, UncleChop, etc… would have a time to...

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Gabriel Medina dodges a boat

Gabriel Medina finds himself on a crash course with a negligently positioned vessel. There’s also a montage of entertaining-yet-worrying falls from Tyler, Owen Wright and Mason Ho. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Kelly Slater and flawless J-Bay

Kelly Slater has an insatiable lust for life!  While the J-Bay Open was more than enough for the majority of the WSL elite, there was one man who spotted a blob on the charts,...