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Mick Fanning meets a Mexican point

Here, we get just that; one session with Mick Fanning getting plenty acquainted with a Mexican Snapper. Mick Fanning on a sand-bottom, draining pointbreak. Read more here: Stab Mag     

Wavepools are taking to the sky!

Wavepools are taking to the sky!

The cool cats over at American Wave Machines thought about this and said, “fuck boys, let’s stick one of these puppies on a rooftop. ” Well, actually if we are clueing in on some factual...

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Anthony Walsh, Happiness is a warm gun

Pipeline started to show signs of promise yesterday.  “It wasn’t the best pipe ever,” our dear lensman Laserwolf tells us. “One out of every twenty was a good one, but at least it’s better...

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Eddie Rothman is displeased with the ASP

He’s a necessary force of protection for surfing’s mecca (Hawaii), and a very vocal one too – a fact reinforced by this clip, shot by two filmmakers while doing research for the film North...

Bureaucracy and the Boat Trip

Bureaucracy and the Boat Trip

Come August the local authorities are implementing new regulations that limit the amount of surfers per break and will require extra fees to surf them. “Currently, many surfers must compete against each other to secure...

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Thumbwerk, volume 41

Instagram killed the Vine star with videos and goddamn it if we aren’t still partial to mainlining the 15-seconders that brighten our feed weekly.  So much so that we rip our favourites into the most low-res but...

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Yago Dora, Lowers and Jam

Now, isn’t any different. fuck lowers place is a meeting ground for all of socals rich little sponsored daddys little girls. since we cant comment on the kelia thing, the best part of that...