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Girls, by Stab: Genevieve

Sheepishly and anonymously, or, signed in through your Facebook account. We like a good and balanced debate. We like to laugh. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Afghanistan, and the joy of surf!

War-torn, landlocked and staunchly anti-bikini, Afghanistan seems like the last place you’d find a growing population of surfers, but in a nod to the sport’s global influence, in 2012 a group of friends got...

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Trunk Talk, with Carson Wach (Hurley)

Welcome to Trunk Talk, a mini documentary series from Stab and SurfStitch that details the lives of gents who make the trunks we surf in. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Cory Lopez (from Mecca II)

There’s a good mix of everything in here – turns, airs, trunks, wetsuits – a reminder of a lost time when surfers had actual video parts that traversed a wide range of scenery, waves...

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Brian Bielmann on Shooting with Andy Irons

Last North Shore season, Torrey Meister ruptured his spleen on a Backdoor-drop gone wrong. That’s not good… like, at all.  To make matters worse, it happened the day before he was set to compete in the Pipe...

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One Air with Dane Reynolds

In this latest installment of O’Neill’s “Unreasonable” series, he asks his critics not to mistake his drive with arrogance, and to take him down a notch if he’s being a “little fuck-head. ” A...