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Noa Deane Cranks The Aloha

Love to know how the STAB x XCEL ‘Noa’ Steamer colab was conceived. ‘sweet, how bout this one that Xcel already sells? ‘perfect, upload it to stabstitch. com maan’. noa deane could donate his...

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Filipe Toledo and the fresh euro vibration

We all know Filipe can leap.  But this year on tour his weaknesses have prevailed in conditions that don’t exactly suit him. Portugal just may be the event to bring Mr Toledo back into the...

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Photolyfe: Trevor King

Today’s another in a newly-introduced Photolyfe element; we’re swaying just a bump away from pure surf shooters, and are now including, on occasion, lensmen who orbit surfing without ever permanently entering the atmosphere. Trevor King’s a perfect example...

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#TOURNOTES: A Fijian Finish

Apparently when Occy won it he’s nightly routine consisted of him watching Jeff Fenech’ s greatest hits on VHS whilst beating his meat to a picture of Pam Burridge taking 5 the hard way...

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Surfing’s Good Guys and their Greatest Fears

Surf fear comes from all angels: the waves, the reef, the weather, the distance from land, the water temp, the big fish, and sometimes even just from the somewhere feeling indescribably ‘spooky. ’ In...

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Mick Fanning, Portugal forehand

In today’s competition he lost to local wildcard Frederico Morais who’s on through to the quarters. Between heats, Mick Fanning found a hollow right and put his forehand to work. Let the storm conspiracy theories...

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Trunk Talk, with Jeff Williams (Rusty)

Welcome to Trunk Talk, a mini documentary series from Stab and SurfStitch. com that details the lives of gents who make the trunks we surf in. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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5 mixes for the afternoon glow

If Havaianas, whose entire soul embodies what summer is (open footwear! ), had a beach club – this is what you’d likely hear playing. 1. © Stab Magazine since 2003. Read more here: Stab Mag