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An Australian reef in the middle of summer

The response will go something like this: If waves were going unridden and couldn’t be paddled into, then there should be the ability to tow waves so they’re enjoyed. Both are salient points. One...

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Craig Anderson raises a point in NSW, Australia

But, there was a perfect air wind. ” The last fortnight on the east coast has brought funky weather with it, and with recent storms ravaging Craig’s hometown of Newcastle, it’s hardly surprising to hear...

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Some summer footwear Stab digs:

There’s the Snapper edition of the Black and White Photo Series, a self-explanatory project that is everything good about Australia’s northern coastline. The slow-goers below are hand-picked from this season’s selection of Havaianas, our...

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A little slice of Davey Van Zyl

Davey Van Zyl is part of the brave new world of South African surfing and you may very well enjoy this clip of him surfing, c/o Steven Michelsen. Here’s the ultimate mashup you didn’t...

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Gudangs, Lowers.

According to Gareth Horner, Newquay lifeboat operations manager, the deceased actually entered the ocean to assist others in trouble and added the conditions were “not very good for surfing and bodyboarding. ” Brendon Prince, an...

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High times with a Great White

This young fella has the skill to back it up and sure knows his way around a pit for an 11 year old. Earlier today, a dead 2. 5 – 3 metre great white...

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Tayor Clark, the perfect blend

This round up sweeps from the States, through Hawaii and Australia, and showcases TC’s all-round game; pay particular attention to his Lowers rail work. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Brad Domke surfing in Australia

In this ep of Volcom’s Los Pollos Locos, the gang roll through Costa Rica (and have a very good, tropical time).  Oscar Moncada, Carlos Goncalves, Carlos Muñoz and Miguel Tudela light it up under a...