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“Volcanic Weekend” (LNF in Tahiti)

Here’s some footage from Chopes during the filming of Point Break 2.  A couple of these waves you may’ve already seen, but the double barrel shotguns are wild and Bruce Irons’ wave at 1:47...

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It’s funny, it’s awkward and it features Bruce Irons and many more. Here’s your latest installation of our favorite series on the web, #Tournotes. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Stab Caddy 2.0: Koa Smith’s Namibia Stretch

Others broke upwards of three crafts each but Koa’s board, shaped by William “Stretch” Riedel, made the 27 seconds of sheet-glass shade possible. “I definitely couldn’t have made that wave without that board,” says...

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Sunshine in the rearview: Bruce Wins The Eddie

It’s the day before Quiksilver’s Eddie Aikau event. “No one knows that if this didn’t happen, then I probably wouldn’t have won,” opens Bruce Irons. “We were playing poker at the Billabong house in...

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Bouncing, with Bruce Irons

We wanted to see him move, we wanted that small-wave style we all fell in love with back in the Campaign days. We wanted to hang out and see him surf waves under six...