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Comments Of The Week, Edition 18

Gossip Girl: T-Knox’s new sticker, Dane Reynolds’ baby, and more! © Stab Magazine since 2003. As always, you make our words seem pathetic in contrast to yours and our highlights this week came in from: T-Knox,...

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Here’s what happened at J-Bay today:

Today in South Africa round one of the J-Bay Open was run in, uh, challenging conditions.  First heat of the morning saw the recently-returned Michel Bourez skipping round two; Mr Bourez crushed the bones...

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Dane Reynolds, the mallow to Rocky’s coco

Mr Reynolds does what Mr Reynolds does.  Although the swells dropped and pipe’s stopped doing the ‘it’ thing; the past few days have still seen some playful canvases. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Here’s who could win Fiji:

Jordy announced yesterday morning that he’d be opting out via Instagram: “Due to my knee injury I’m still not 100 percent, I’ve pulled out of the Fiji event. ” But you lose some, you gain some: Like Jay...

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Rincon with Dane, Courtney, Yadin and you!

Yup, California has really been doing it lately.  So it comes as absolutely no surprise that hometown favs Dane Reynolds, Courtney Conlogue and Yadin Nicol have been squeezing in time at Rincon every chance....

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The Beautiful Collection by Morgan Maassen

Drink in his uncanny ability to capture images that are ominous, charming and raw.  Morgan’s become the chosen photographer for the likes of Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and Steph Gilmore amongst other notables. Read...

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Surf Video! (Duranbah, March 7)

John John Florence, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, Jack Freestone, Kelly Slater and more feature in Stab‘s latest Surf Video, a simple format that celebrates something we can never get enough of. why the editor chose to...

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Dane Reynolds will surf the Quik Pro France

And that’s what we love about him, Dane don’t ever change. “So I just got news I’ll be in the Quiksilver Pro France,” said Dane in a recent Instagram post. “I’m going to donate...