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16 Photos From Where You’d Rather Be

Apart from that, I’ve gotten into organizing a few expos that highlight my travels, and my style which I call “the romantic side of the surf. ” These photos are in a collection called “Of...

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Libre: Freedom Never Looked So Good

This one is coutresy of the Agote brothers–Gorja and his brother Inigo combined forces all over Scotland, Basque Country, France, and the Canaries to make Libre. Read more here: The Inertia     

Thank You, France – Euro-steez, yes please!

Thank You, France – Euro-steez, yes please!

Days are longer, waves are better, and if you are lucky enough (or chasing it), sand-banks are well shaped. ” Judging from the quality of waves and ripping in this clip, I’d say Duvignac...

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HEAVY XXL Puerto Escondido Wipeout

I arrived in Mexico from France with Jerome Sahyoun, Fred Berho, and Othmane Choufani.  Ever since we saw that dark, ominous purple blob on the forecast, we were all frothing to be part of the swell.  The...