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Adriano de Souza wins the 2015 Pipe Masters

It’s Adriano’s day, he’s been hungry and now he’s digesting his first world title and’s the first Brazilian Pipe Master. Adriano de Souza wins the 2015 Pipe Masters over Van’s Triple Crown winner Gabriel Medina....

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Italo Ferreira signs with Billabong

If the upward trend in his results continues he’s going to give countrymen Adriano De Souza, Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo a run for one of the toughest draws on tour. “Italo has quickly...

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Comments of the week, edition 24

Topics range from Gabriel Medina to… well, mostly Gabriel Medina. We so adore the incessant chatter, good and bad, that colours this website. Here, we’ve plucked some of your wittiest moments from the week...

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Gabs, Owen, Wilko and Dillon in Mozambique

Here’s: Gabriel Medina, Owen Wright, Matt Wilko and Dillon Perillo in Mozambique.  This place is a green water heaven, nothing but trunks and uncrowded gems. Read more here: Stab Mag