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What We Learnt From The Rip Curl Pro

Do you believe it could be time for the King to call it quits? “There hasn’t been anyone on the tour before at my age and it’s really easy for people to accept that...

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Rip Curl Pro: The Rookies Revolt At Bells

Davey Cathels was singing a similarly self-assured, nothing to lose tune after he continued the rookie raid against Gabriel Medina. “You kind of have to look at it as an opportunity to take down...

John John vs. Medina: Il Grande Massacro

John John vs. Medina: Il Grande Massacro

“Here’s a preview of the battle for the world title that’s about to begin,” writes Greg Menager of French production crew Chokolatine.  Gabriel Medina and John John Florence go blow for blow like rivalling mafiosos around the...