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Breaking: Joel Parkinson Injured in Fiji

This morning, former world champion, Joel Parkinson, was injured while surfing Cloudbreak.  News broke on Instagram showing Parkinson in a knee brace about to board a helicopter for treatment on the mainland. Joel later dropped a...

Backstage At The World’s Wildest Surf Comp

Backstage At The World’s Wildest Surf Comp

Beers in the pool, an atmosphere of sunny jollity, scenes of debauchery that recall the world tour’s hedonistic heyday, a trophy in the form of a shoe, and one of Indonesia’s, nay the world’s, finest waves… “The best event...

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Watch Now: Crowded House

Featuring comments from Joel Parkinson, Chippa Wilson, Adam Melling, Staff at the HPC, The Gold Coast City Council, Jann Stuckey MP Member For Currumbin and average Joe. Whether it’s hustling shoulder to shoulder on...