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Meet Quiksilver’s newest Young Gun

Before South Africa I’d spent all my time in Mexico, where there’s only three or four contests a year. Sebastian Williams: My mum is from Puerto Escondido in Mexico, and my dad is from...

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What John John Florence rides

Throw in a professional surfing career, and that good relationship becomes crucial. Jon Pyzel is the man who creates the boards that John John Florence rides. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Dane Reynolds parts ways with Quiksilver

The re-sign date was moved forward, and while Quik no doubt would’ve liked to keep Dane in the family (who wouldn’t? ), the annual dollar amount was lower (bankruptcy changes priorities like that) and...

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Dream World, with John John Florence

And in the real world, the logistical element of this shoot required Stab to purchase 300 umbrellas from different locations like the Sunshine Coast and Western Australia and then ship them to our chosen...