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The John John Florence Diet, according to GQ

The John John Florence Diet, according to GQ

I don’t eat fast food, mostly home-cooked stuff. Chicken. Salads. Stuff like that. Oatmeal for breakfast. A big dinner. “ Even though he’s only 23 and “not a very good cook,” like most pro...

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#TOURNOTES: Somebody get Bruce Irons a surfboard!

Love Toledo…”I was waiting for the bomb”…. dude waited a whole heat in Tahiti…patience! what’s up with Bruce showing up everywhere where John John is ? Hiroto Ohhara wants to buy a Porsche!  But...

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Andre Botha saves Evan Geiselman’s Life

Two time bodyboarding world champion and lauded underground charger, Andre Botha, has saved the life of Floridian Pro Evan Geiselman following a heavy wipeout at Pipe. On one of those trademark evil second reef...