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Filipe Toledo is out of world title contention

Filipe Toledo is officially out of world title contention for 2015.  By making round three, Filipe put himself at an advantage against Mick, but Mick won his round three heat over Jamie O’Brien, and then Filipe...

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Mason Ho’s Gift to the world

Here’s the protagonist of the world’s best post heat interview (“It’s all happy stuff and it’s just nice out there. ”) doing what he does best: dodging rocks and making surfing look fun as...

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Mason Ho drips dry over exposed rocks, Hawaii

This unusual but highly enjoyable angle of Mason Ho was captured this morning at a not so-secret-secret spot inside another not-so-secret spot that Mason likes to surf.  “We got the old ‘you shoulda been here...

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Fergal Smith paddling Mullaghmore

O’neill just threw together its best clips from a year behind the lens.  Can’t go wrong when you’re only using the creme de la creme from each edit, especially with Jordy Smith, Timmy Reyes, Torrey Meister and crew...

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Gabriel Medina dodges a boat

Gabriel Medina finds himself on a crash course with a negligently positioned vessel. There’s also a montage of entertaining-yet-worrying falls from Tyler, Owen Wright and Mason Ho. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Mason Ho’s hooked on novelty

Mason’s filmer Rory Pringle said this is the most sand he’s ever seen at this spot. This session took place a few days ago, timestamp: Oct, 10th. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach hits the water

Gabs is reviewing his post-heat script with Charlie, Toledo is coiling back the springs after his Indo jaunt, and Mason Ho is reviewing his Bruce Lee manifesto for ultimate kung-fu ripping inspo. Everyone else?...