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Amável Estranha Esquerda

The final day of the Volcom Pipe Pro is live and can be viewed over here.  JJF, Kelly and Kolohe are already through to the semi finals. Enjoy. The final day of the Volcom...

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R&D With Mason Ho

Here, watch Mase test one of Matt Biolos’ cork boards that’s been in development over the last two years. Mason Ho’s had quite the winter.  Winning the HIC Pro, finishing second at the Volcom Pipe...

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Volcom Pipe Pro is live.

Top seeds, including Kelly Slater (heat 9), CJ Hobgood (heat 13), Kolohe Andino (heat 16) and this year’s Backdoor Shootout winner, Mason Ho (heat 12), will surely keep round three interesting. Top seeds, including...