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Mick Fanning, Portugal forehand

In today’s competition he lost to local wildcard Frederico Morais who’s on through to the quarters. Between sessions Mick found a hollow right and put his forehand to work. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Mick Fanning wins least user-friendly QS event!

The biggest scores at Sunset come from getting anywhere near the lip, or finding a barrel that doesn’t pinch– two things that aren’t on offer every wave. “I’ve gotten so close so many times,...

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Sinking Ships

Here’s Cody Thompson and his younger brother Tristan getting busy last week in California.  Two of the four brothers jetted out from Florida for the recent rush of swell, and lucked into some pretty fun...

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Advice for 18-year-old me, by Mick Fanning

Photo by Ryan Miller Start from the beginning and learn the essence, then you can apply all the other stuff as you go along. The way surfing’s heading right now, there’s room for guys...

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Sentiments for Mick Fanning and his family

Despite the crushing emotion of a loss like this, Mick went out and won two heats that, on paper, you’d have never expected him to win – first against Jamie O’Brien, and second against Kelly Slater...