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North Shore Legend Jason Magers Dies in California

After enduring a beatdown that probably should have killed him, Magers left the beach in handcuffs and entered into legend status. “He was a madman,” Liam McNamara told Hawaii News Now. “He set the stage...

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Yesterday Was Absolutely Insane in Jersey

After starting off with 66mph winds and stormy seas, I had no expectations for the size that would actually stick around and the winds that would eventually turn to perfect offshores.  However, after a...

Tyler, Nikki & Alana Get Stuck In, In Indo

Tyler, Nikki & Alana Get Stuck In, In Indo

Nikki Van Dijk and Alana Blanchard join newly crowned champion of the world Tyler Wright on the Search in Indonesia, where they dine out on a tasty right-hander. “It was the most incredible feeling, just being rejuvenated...