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3 Surf Must Watch Surf Films Before Summer

And if it also includes rad surfing and interviews with North Shore staples Sunny Garcia, Jamie O’Brien, Makua Rothman and his bro Koa, I’m definitely in. 7 Miles of Paradise looks like a throwback...

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Ryan Hipwood And Some Heavy Duty Charging

From Shipsterns to Cloudbreak, the North Shore, Maui and beyond Hippo loves to throw himself into some heavy chunks of water. ‘Irregular Occurrence’ pays homage to chasing El Niño swells all over the globe...

Team Volcom Won the North Shore this Winter

Team Volcom Won the North Shore this Winter

1.  gaining, resulting in, or relating to complete and utter surf domination. featuring: Carlos Muñoz, Dusty Payne, Gavin Beschen, Yago Dora, Parker Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, and more. Read more here: The Inertia     

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February 2016

Apparently Kenny’s professional encounter with Kelly had taken place back in the era when Kelly had a full head of hair and maybe only a handful of world titles. “I didn’t even know it...

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The Eddie On Yellow Alert For This Thursday

At time of writing the biggest swell of the winter is battering the North Shore and it is anticipated that Thursday’s swell will be Hawaiian scale 20- to 25-feet, with occasional larger waves with...