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Jeremy Flores and late season North Shore

And, awesomely, cut to Shattered Milo by Descendents, which some of you will recall from Taylor Steele’s The Show. Here’s Jeremy Flores killing it in late season Hawaii. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Droned Out on the North Shore

This here’s their catch featuring: Ross Clarke-Jones, Takayuki Wakita, Makua Rothman, Chris Owens, Leandro Usuna, Ryan Hipwood, Schuyler Allen, Emi Erickson, Nahuel Amalfitano, Keoki Saguibo, Mikey O’shaugnessy, Ben Wilkinson and other unidentified charging objects. This here’s...

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Stab Presents: No time for island time

Starring: Bryce Young, Gabriel Medina, Gabe Garcia, Sebastian Zietz, Koa Smith, Billy Kemper, Matt Pagan, Joe Van Dijk, Torrey Meister, Josh Moniz, Oliver Kurtz, Brett Barley, Isaiah Moniz and Bruce Irons. As far as we’re...

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Courtney Conlogue Slams the Bells Rocks

With a little patience, however, we get something like this edit here, which features spitting Mexican tubes followed by standout sessions on the North Shore.   Watch it all the way through for some...

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A Week On The Seven Mile Miracle

Welcome to the time of year when Vimeo and Youtube are bursting at the seams with fresh North Shore edits. The big boys and girls are in the same place at the same time...