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Owen Wright’s Headspace

What kind of motivation drives a man to two perfect heats?  According to Owen, not much, the waves were just really good. Here, Mr. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Owen Wright’s J-Bay warm-up

Owen Wright rolled out of the South Pacific, still smoking, with two 20-point heats and a winners trophy.  He swapped the trunks out of his travel bag and crammed in some rubber, heading to...

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Owen Wright now rides JS Surfboards

Judging by the clip above, the partnership will be killer not only for O and J, but for the fans too. “At one point, before the Quiksilver Pro, there were 80 boards from all...

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Owen Wright, Intrepid

Owen Wright in heavy hollow slabs is a thing of sheer beauty.  Here we get him around his home on the South Coast of Oz, lassoing and taming a couple beasts. Read more here:...

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Julian Wilson, Little Haiti in Cronulla, NSW

First you must paddle across deep water where Great Whites live (don’t shriek! ), negotiate a bodyboarders-only wave (fins scrape! ) and then collect a sudden ledge off a pack that included on this...

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One 10 and lots of Twos: Pipeline Today

Adriano might be the smartest competitor in the Pipe Masters, as we’ve heard that he’s enlisted JOB as his coach for surfing Pipe. “Man, I saw Adriano pack a good one before the contest...