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Gabriel Medina dodges a boat

Gabriel Medina finds himself on a crash course with a negligently positioned vessel. There’s also a montage of entertaining-yet-worrying falls from Tyler, Owen Wright and Mason Ho. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Owen Wright, searching in South Africa

For the newest Surfing Is Everything clip, we ride through South Africa with Owen Wright.  O is back in a big way right now, after being thoroughly crippled by a back injury for just...

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Chopes meets Mr and Ms Wright

Here, Louie Hynd seshes the wave at the end of the road with the Wright’s before setting off solo to have a lashing at his very own left, which looks a bit more inviting than the reef...

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Gabs, Owen, Wilko and Dillon in Mozambique

Here’s: Gabriel Medina, Owen Wright, Matt Wilko and Dillon Perillo in Mozambique.  This place is a green water heaven, nothing but trunks and uncrowded gems. Read more here: Stab Mag