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One City: From Lisbon to LA, with Nic Von Rupp

For European surfers it’s really hard to get into international magazines, so our stuff never gets seen, and that’s probably why Europe has never been that popular. Yeah, surfing’s been gaining a lot of traction...

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Pedro Boonman runs outta petrol but scores tubes

Pedro Boonman, coming straight outta Portugal, recently did a stretch in Sumbawa.  And, gets some v good waves, contained within this edit! Pedro Boonman, coming straight outta Portugal, recently did a stretch in Sumbawa....

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Footage of the biggest Nazaré ever

“Big wave surfing is as much a performance piece as it is a feat of athleticism these days,” says Red Bull about their latest digital short. “So it makes sense that when the waterman...

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Mick Fanning, Portugal forehand

In today’s competition he lost to local wildcard Frederico Morais who’s on through to the quarters. Between sessions Mick found a hollow right and put his forehand to work. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Mick Fanning wins least user-friendly QS event!

The biggest scores at Sunset come from getting anywhere near the lip, or finding a barrel that doesn’t pinch– two things that aren’t on offer every wave. “I’ve gotten so close so many times,...

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Here’s Brad Domke skimboarding at Nazaré

And as we learn today, at Portugal’s filthiest, greasiest cheese Nazaré. “We’d just finished a fun day of surf at our home break in Florida,” says Dyl.  “Brad, our boy Remy and myself were just...

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The 12 Best Waves Surfed in 2014

He rode out of it and just started screaming “Fuck, the best wave of my life! ’” As for Kolohe’s response, he’s pretty convinced he never would have tried to stomp the landing if...