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Radical Times in South Africa

Radical Times in South Africa

In Quik’s newest installment of Radical Times runs the viewer through “the wildlife of the savannah vs the wildlife of the city. ” They climbed into rental vans in South Africa and headed from...

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Meet Connor O’Leary

I was home for about 10 days before I left for South Africa which was good just to get back in the swing of surfing more average waves in full suits, which was hard after...

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A J-Bay Reminisce: African Winter is Coming

These are some of the memories that are deeply inscribed into my mind from growing up in South Africa.  They are replayed every so often, but come this time of year, they loop continuously....

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Lee-Ann Curren, Morocco Bound

Only when it really benefited something big did he use it to bring awareness–his boycott of the ’85 World Circuit events in South Africa over apartheid, for example. Read more here: The Inertia