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World Tour Surfers Witness Shooting In Rio

World Tour Surfers Witness Shooting In Rio

Stephanie Gilmore, Keanu Asing and Dusty Payne were also nearby at the time of the incident. “It was me, Carissa and a couple guys from Hurley,” Coffin told Stab Mag. “At first I thought it...

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Bali

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Bali

This week’s incident is thought to be the fifth such attack at the rivermouth spot in the last five years, and occurred, like most of the others, at a time when the sea was...

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Five Waves from Day Two at Chopes

Heat 2: Filipe Toledo (BRA) 8. 57 def. Garrett Parkes (AUS) 8. Heat 3: C. J. Hobgood (USA) 18. 13 def. Nat Young (USA) 16. Kerr’s wave should’ve been a 10 if “10G’s” Ceej’s...

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John John Florence for Fox Sports

Our dear John stars in another commercial!  No, he’s not a superhero this time… John’s got his trusty Pyzel under his feet and is giving it a proper glide. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Shawn Dollar Breaks Neck in four places

Renowned professional big wave surfer and holder of the Guinness World Record for largest wave ever surfed Shawn Dollar suffered serious injuries yesterday whilst surfing off California’s Central Coast.  While the great eye of...

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King Of The Groms round 2 voting is now open

King of the Groms round one is over, which can only mean round two voting is in full swing. 30 adolescent frothers have found themselves in the second round. They’ve all submitted a two...

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Bloody Irish Mountains and Slabs

Here are some clips from summertime in the Mentawais and Bali from above because it’s 2015 and drones are the ‘it’ thing! Indo’s beautiful. Here are some clips from summertime in the Mentawais and...

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Field Notes: Day One at the Quik Pro

A few days ago Dane announced he’d be giving all his winning to Surfers not Street Children, an organization out of Durban, South Africa that teaches kids to surf and takes them off the...