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World Tour Surfers Witness Shooting In Rio

World Tour Surfers Witness Shooting In Rio

Stephanie Gilmore, Keanu Asing and Dusty Payne were also nearby at the time of the incident. “It was me, Carissa and a couple guys from Hurley,” Coffin told Stab Mag. “At first I thought it...

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Bali

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Bali

This week’s incident is thought to be the fifth such attack at the rivermouth spot in the last five years, and occurred, like most of the others, at a time when the sea was...

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Kevin Ancell in Venice

The show kicked off in perfect Venice fashion, everyone from the industry and not filled the street and exhibit. Bear Flag Fish Co. set up a food truck outside and within the first hour...

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Asher Pacey’s twin fin game is wild

Here’s the most refreshing edit you’ve watched in a while: Asher Pacey, via the lens and editing software of the talented Mr Matt Kleiner, riding a twin fin, camping in a beach cave and...

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#TOURNOTES: Superfan Dolly knows who’s hot

The forecast was a dose of ballyhoo and the result was Supertubos not living up to it’s name. Cue another eclectic segment of posterior documentation, not the Anastasia Ashley kind. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Chippa Wilson, Cabarita Soul

Don’t forget the cat’s got a solid rail and barrel game. His consistent aerial innovation often overshadows the rest of his surfing. Chippa Wilson’s one of the most exciting surfers in the water. Read...

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Gabriel Medina dodges a boat

Gabriel Medina finds himself on a crash course with a negligently positioned vessel. There’s also a montage of entertaining-yet-worrying falls from Tyler, Owen Wright and Mason Ho. Read more here: Stab Mag