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Carlos Munoz and the prism schism

Carlos Munoz is cool young cat from Costa Rica and he rips.  If you’ve seen his section from Volcom’s Psychic Migrations you know this, if you haven’t watch this clip and you will. Read more here:...

The latest from the North Shore

The latest from the North Shore

Yeah, we’re still basking in the action from last week.  Here Mitch, Evan, Billy, ‘Shrimpy’ and Mikala Jones indulge in the recent string of waves to kick through the North Shore. Read more here: Stab...

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Mick Fanning’s Indo Vacation

Nostalgia’s a hell of a thing.  At first glance this could well be Davo, Hedgey, and Zane Harrison sinking cans in the Ments on the original Search, but what the Y2K cast lacks in beer drinking...

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Lombok machete bandits strike

Three tourists have been robbed by machete-wielding bandits in two separate incidents on the island of Lombok, Indonesia – home of the famed Desert Point. Everything from midnight blockades to hotel shakedowns at gunpoint...

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Digesting a very dramatic day at Pipeline

Round four was as good as Pipe gets. “It started off as a pretty average day and it’s turned into an incredible one,” Jamie O’Brien tells me. “Watching all these heats…I just want to...

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Oliver Kurtz separates three seas

Good ole Ollie Kurtz has been on the move the past few months.  He’s been doing some fine slashing through Nica, Indo and North Carolina. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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#TOURNOTES: John John Florence vs Waimea Bay

So instead he grabbed his green 10’4″ and charged Waimea with Kelly Slater and his brother Nathan. There was carnage. “I didn’t pull my vest,” Mr Florence says, “I only pull my vest when...