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Besides (ep seven), with Asher Pacey

There’s a little bit of Rasta there, perhaps, but Asher does his own thing and Matt Kleiner has, in the past, been a great documenter of that. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Surf Video! (Duranbah, March 7)

John John Florence, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, Jack Freestone, Kelly Slater and more feature in Stab‘s latest Surf Video, a simple format that celebrates something we can never get enough of. why the editor chose to...

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Should you actually watch Bells?

With Snapper’s slew of shocking third-round loses, Mick also knows that fires have been lit in an overwhelming majority of the World Tour’s elite. “They’re all gonna want to smash some people at Bells,”...

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Colin Moran’s Newport affair

Like any Matt Tromberg creation, expect an intentional lo-fi twist to contrast the hi-fi ripping, and a bad-ass song choice to boot. Born and bred on the beaches of Newport Beach, California, he’s got...

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Alejo Muniz Fires Up

Yeah, Filly and Gabs tend to steal the convo at the moment, but just remember who helped Gabby out at Pipe last December. Sure, there’s a few more small wave clips here than ideal,...

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And, accompanied by every tip you might need to ensure your new rubber lives a long and happy life, as told by those who really know. Lovingly photographed, worn by some of your favourite...

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Buffalo Rendang

Just in case you missed it yesterday (as it was a little hidden): Here’s Afends gentry Torren Martyn and (new signee) Garrett Parkes living some kind of dream in Northern Sumatra. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Computer Dilemma: Dillon Perillo

Would you rather eat raw eggs for a week, or wear a Gath hat for a month?  Give Kolohe your girlfriend’s phone number, or have no phone for a month? These are the type...