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Meet the WSL class of 2016

We saw good waves, shit waves, a shark encounter, heroics from Julian Wilson, ups, downs, Kelly without an event win (and’s not retiring maybe because of it), Brazilian dominance, Mick Fanning staying collected in...

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Kai Otton, Elementary dear boy

Five waves with Mr Otton.  If there’s one genre Kai illuminates in, it’s big left hand tunnels. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Pipe’s Pumping Right Now

If you work in a liberal office – or have a desk backing onto a wall that ensures that you can’t be sneaked up on – today could be one of the better mondays (or...

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The Eddie is GO!

The Bay’s maxing out, the best big wave surfers in the world are on it and the most prestigious event in big wave history is about to take place. “I’ve been surfing Waimea all...