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The wave that buckled Joel Parkinson

But the Pacific had different ideas and sucked him back over the falls where reef and flesh collided. “That was a good size Backdoor wave for the day,” says our photographer here, Pete Frieden....

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A little more Outerknown data

In Let My People Go Surfing, Chouinard dissects the concept of slow-growth success, and after watching Quiksilver and Billabong go public and implode, Outerknown’s team is also adopting a slow-growth model. “Because we are...

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Craig Anderson riding the Hypto Krypto

Craig Anderson on the Hypto Krypto is like Tom Curren on the Black Beauty or Gerry Lopez on the Single Fin Pipe Gun. Pure divinity. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Mick Fanning in French caves

Having watched this clip, shot at Les Culs Nus in South West France, it’s clear how his precision was honed. There was plenty of these days on the North Shore this season and most pros would...

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This is kinda that – it’s Gabriel Medina’s World Title wrapped into just over two minutes, and re-cut to some latin house, which, it’s gotta be said, gives the celebratory shots in the back end look like...

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Taj Burrow and a well-hidden injury recovery, WA

Duncan Macfarlane, a star behind the lens, was recently in WA during Taj’s first week back surfing. “This is near Yallingup at one of Taj’s haunts,” says Dunc.  “To be honest I can’t remember...

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R&D With Mason Ho

Here, watch Mase test one of Matt Biolos’ cork boards that’s been in development over the last two years. Mason Ho’s had quite the winter.  Winning the HIC Pro, finishing second at the Volcom Pipe...

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Brett Barley in Post Meridian

Wearing a 5/4 hooded suit, seven mil boots, and five mil gloves isn’t exactly motivating. But, when your local spot looks something like Namibia, wear a damn dry suit if ya have to. Read more here: Stab Mag...