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Mason Ho Might Surf in The Eddie

The most interesting thing about the list is that Mason Ho has been picked by the Aikau family as the first alternate, meaning that he’ll almost definitely get a start in the event, if...

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Dane Reynolds, the mallow to Rocky’s coco

Mr Reynolds does what Mr Reynolds does.  Although the swells dropped and pipe’s stopped doing the ‘it’ thing; the past few days have still seen some playful canvases. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Sorting your World Title confusion… sort of

Toy with the world title scenarios as you will, but released concurrently with the generator was a series of six hype videos, one for each contender. Released yesterday for all of us that still...

The John John Florence Diet, according to GQ

The John John Florence Diet, according to GQ

I don’t eat fast food, mostly home-cooked stuff. Chicken. Salads. Stuff like that. Oatmeal for breakfast. A big dinner. “ Even though he’s only 23 and “not a very good cook,” like most pro...

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Christmas came early at Chopes

There’s no gift quite like a pre-holiday swell, so Chopes lit up the past two days. “It was an early Christmas present that Teahupoo gave us,” lensman Domenic Mosqueira tells Stab. “And it came wrapped...

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Movement with Tyler Warren

If you’re looking for big airs and massive pits you’ll find them elsewhere. Here we get him around his home town of Dana Point and beyond putting his hand shaped sleds to work. Read...

Lismore surfer takes board to head and dies

Lismore surfer takes board to head and dies

Ken went unconscious and was found floating in the water by nearby bodyboarders. “He was surfing alone 20 meters from three other surfers when he fell off,” Greg Wyllie, Clarence Valley lifeguard supervisor told...