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Holy shit with Jack Robinson

Holy shit with Jack Robinson

Apart from the intro to this edit having the vibe of an early 2000’s grunge-pop music video; the surfing’s prime.  Jack Robinson’s the most well-rounded 17 year old surfer out there. Read more here: Stab...

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How to win Sunset with Michel Bourez

Power surfing and local knowledge are premium assets. “I feel like it’s always the same people who do good at Sunset,” Michel Bourez, last year’s winner, tells Stab a few hours before winning his...

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Grab me a coffee grom!

Here’s a tasteful depiction of the “what’s going on’s” from the past few weeks on the North Shore. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Ryland Rubens and San Diego’s fav beachy

It breaks about 300 yards out, the inside section will have you paddling backwards and frantically licking the brain freeze out of the roof of your mouth.  Early this week OB saw a mix of...

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Naturally Dreaming of Honolua Bay

Last month she claimed number three in firing Honolua Bay conditions and became the only other Hawaiian-born surfer to hold 3 titles (Andy Irons was the other). Last month she claimed number three in...

Lismore surfer takes board to head and dies

Lismore surfer takes board to head and dies

Ken went unconscious and was found floating in the water by nearby bodyboarders. “He was surfing alone 20 meters from three other surfers when he fell off,” Greg Wyllie, Clarence Valley lifeguard supervisor told...

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Clay Marzo: Surfing’s Most Gifted Goofy

We all know that the region’s home to a myriad of amazing lefts, therefore the lack of other surfers in the clip is puzzling – we’d suggest that the tide was too low for average Joe...