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Island Time at Haleiwa.

Here’s one from EpicTV featuring featuring the king, John Florence, and acoustic-crooner Jack Johnson. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Owen Wright, searching in South Africa

For the newest Surfing Is Everything clip, we ride through South Africa with Owen Wright.  O is back in a big way right now, after being thoroughly crippled by a back injury for just...

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Definitive Bells highlight reel, day two

With less than stellar conditions on offer, the boys still went to work in fine form, with Kerzy and Julian snagging the highest heat scores of the afternoon in the men’s draw. Read more...

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Granger and Honolua Bay

That said, it’s refreshing to see an edit that focuses more on the Maui right points and a solid hack over hail Marys into the Maui wind. We’re used to seeing Maui clips that...

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One day in WA with Damo Hobgood

Here he sessions WA’s The Box all morning, before surfing a known lefthander all afternoon. All day tubs from a. m. to p. m.?  Yes, please. that left is so sketchy on a swell...

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Caio Ibelli, Left Hand Joyrides

In partnership with Spotify, SurfAid has released a revolutionary new fundraising campaign called ‘Surfify. ’ Surfify’s an album available on Spotify featuring the relaxing sounds of the ocean so you can donate while you sleep....

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The Stab in the Dark Shaper Series: Dahlberg

Rod Dahlberg, 62 years old, has been shaping for 41 years and still believes in the value of a custom board: “This board isn’t based on a ‘board model’, I think that movement has...

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A Sequence You’ll Love: Mick Corbett, The Right

“The much hyped Indian Ocean swell just hit the WA coast and didn’t disappoint,” says photographer Chris Gurney from the West coast of Australia, current site of much opportunity.  “It was as big as...