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Timmy Reyes; Canada

In this edit from O’Neill, Ian Crane joins Timmy on a road trip from California to Canada. Timmy Reyes isn’t new to Cold water excursions. Just look at his beard. The thing is Rugged!...

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Silvana Lima Nails a Ten

This time, he hits Lima, Peru, for a couple small wave sessions with Hurley’s Peruvian team, featuring Martin Jeri, Alonso Correa, Gianni Porcari and Andres Echecopar. This time, he hits Lima, Peru, for a...

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Photolyfe: Sylvè Colless

Today’s another in a newer Photolyfe element; where we sway just a bump away from pure surf shooters, and open our minds to those of the lens who orbit surfing without ever permanently entering the atmosphere. Read more...

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What a difference a wind makes

Owen Wright was the only goofy to win round through round four and move straight to the quarters, and he did so in style. His 8. 93 winner against Kolohe in round three was...

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The day of competition that the WSL needed

As Kelly said, ‘its the waves he didnt make hes gonna watch again on the heat analyzer’. you’re tripping mang. that shit at main break looked like reverse Sunset, which is a contest no-one...

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Domke and the rides of his life

One’s been nominated for an XXL award (and faces the moment of truth at this evening’s ceremony), and  another has haunted skimmers’ dreams far and wide. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Stab Caddy 2.0: Koa Smith’s Namibia Stretch

Others broke upwards of three crafts each but Koa’s board, shaped by William “Stretch” Riedel, made the 27 seconds of sheet-glass shade possible. “I definitely couldn’t have made that wave without that board,” says...